How to Add a Gadget (Email Subscribe) in a Blog

Through this gadget (Email Subscribe), people can easily get the articles which you have posted on your blog. If you want to do apply this gadget on your blog, so use this method and enjoy it. It is very easy to understand. Please follow it step by step: 1- Open Now click this red […]

How to Add a Gadget Link in Blogger layout

In Blogger, some templates these are in which gadgets links are missed somewhere. In Design > Page Elements tab, you can identify a section by the presence of an add a gadget link. To add a widget, you are click on add a gadget under the blog header. But sometime, add a gadget link below […]

What is Network Topology – 5 Most Important Network Topologies

There are many ways in which computers can be connected together in a computer network. The way in which computers or other devices are connected in a network is called Network Topology. It represents the shape of network. The 5 most important and commonly used network topologies are as follows: Bus topology Star topology Ring […]

Google has Won United Nations in The Propaganda War

Google’s victory is seen a propaganda victory against the efforts of the United Nations to control the web, but it takes time that the International Telecoms Union, Responsibility to the changes, is fighting back. For some time, the efforts of the UN telecommunications body have been pitched as a cunning plan to enable the organization […]

What is WAN – Discribed in Detail

WAN stands for Wide Area Network. WAN is a type of computer network that covers a large area. The computers (or terminals) connected to this type of network can be in different cities or countries. Computers in a WAN are often connected through telephone lines. However, they can also be connected through leased lines, microwave […]